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CV Template

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by: Dejongh, Stijn (2019-2022)

A to-the-point LaTeX template for resum├ęs, aimed to help you write a visually pleasing CV. Writing an engaging Resume is not an easy task. This template will help you by providing you with a basic structure in which to enter your personal information. This means you will write your content in an encoded way, and let the processor take care of the layouting.

You can use the included TEX file examples to inspire your use. The most notable configuration options are:

  • Main color: you can choose between green and blue, or edit the template to include a color of your choice
  • Privacy toggle: If you plan on publicly publishing your CV, it is wise to redact your contact information to avoid spam calls and mails
  • Corner style: Choose between rounded or straight corners, or a combination of both
  • Company header: Include you company information as a header on the CV. This can be useful for contractors, or for people applying for internal promotions