Export your documentation to multiple formats

Dockerized markdown to document generator. Export your flat text files into multiple appealing formats.

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  • example of generated PDF files
  • example of generated slideshow
  • The source code for a document in Markdown


The value of documenting your work is not often debated. Good documentation helps you, your current teammates, and those that might join your project in the future, to have a clear idea of the things they should know. It is basically the "pay it forward" principle, but for knowledge workers.

The idea of this type of stack is to write your documentation once, in a plain text format. This way, you needn't concern yourself with the visuals while focusing on the content. As an additional benefit, these plain text source files can easily be transformed into a plethora of output formats. This allows you to generate documents, slideshows and images with restarting from scratch.

The core functionality is provided by other open-source projects. I collected these and set-up a minimal automation set-up on top of these.
You can find the projects that form the basis of this stack here:


As software development professionals, we are often asked to write down documentation to detail what we did or how we did it. Most developers I know dislike using tools for "normal people" to achieve this goal. We prefer to write our specs and documentation close to our code (same editor, or using terminal editors).

This project gives you a full document generation stack in a dockerized format, so you can get up and running quickly.

Execution Environement:
docker and docker-compose
Document generator:
pandoc, LaTeX (texLive)
Generated Formats:
PDF, docx, image formats
Source files:
Markdown, PUML, and YAML
Additional benefits:
Shell scripts for easier execution and CI set-up
Delivery Options
  • Free download from github
  • Includes basic examples to get you started
  • Set-up information available