Promoting clean code with generic utilities

Generic utilities to promote a clean design of the code we write on a daily basis.

SDD code utilities


You can either include this library as a jar using you favorite dependency management tool. You will have to do this manually, as I am still in the process of providing a maven central distribution.
An alternative option is to just copy-paste the required code into your projects codebase. As this library is licenced under the EUPL, usage and replication is allowed.

If you are interested in learning about some of the tooling that this library is built upon, you can dive into the source code and investigate how I used them.

The code contains an extensive set of package descriptions and JavaDoc method headers. You can either read these from within your favorite development environement, or refer to the deployed javadoc pages on github.

As the code is well tested, you can refer to these unit tests to see the intended usage of various constructs.

As I gain experience, and run into similar problems on various projects, I will update the library as I see fit.
The goal is to provide a set of easy-to-use generic resources so you can avoid solving the same issues over and over.

In stead of reinventing the wheel over and over on various projects, I set out to write a set of generic utilities that can be used across different projects.
As to not have any copyright issues, the code is licenced under the EUPL. This means that you are free to use and modify the source code for your own projects, provided they have a compatible license. Being a European-based developer, most of the software projects are de-facto compatible with this license.

This project's codebase will contain the classes needed to simplify your code. If you are interested in seeing them in action, take a look at the test cases for a certain utility. These will give you a very concrete and runnable example of the utility class in action.

JavaDoc available
Extensive code documentation and example available
Exception handling
Functionality to work more fluently with exceptions
Validator framework
Pre-written and felxible validators for your projects
Delivery Options
  • Free download from github
  • Self-contained documentation pages
  • Maven Central release WIP