Elevator Pitch

I tend to think about problems as challenges to be solved on a conceptual level, before jumping into the nitty-gritty process of working towards a tangible result. My analytical skills, and the ability to look at things as pieces of a larger puzzle, are of significant value to the teams I join.

Foremost, I am a professional who is known to "speak truth to power". I often challenges ideas, but will defend the collaborative decisions towards my subordinates or more junior team members. I love helping people grow, and have a strong preference for positions that include collaboration, coaching others, or that focus on improving the day-to-day working life of my colleagues and customers.

Stijn in suit

My specialties


Making a difference every day by focusing on steady improvement of the code base


When everyone on the team helps each other improve, great things happen


Revitalizing older systems by using modern approaches and tools.


Staying on the lookout for ways to speed up the throughput by critically examining the workflow

A grayscale image of tools in a workshop

My philosophy

Software development should be a matter of balancing the desire to create beautiful technical pieces with the more earthly concerns of time and money. In order to achieve this, I believe in:

  • cultivating a pleasant working relationship with my customers, team members, and other parties involved
  • delivering maximum return-on-investment to the customer, even if it means making though decisions
  • communicating in a clear, and transparent manner
  • combining a variety of development methodologies, personal experience, and the values of agile software craftsmanship