Musings, thoughts, and tales from the trenches of Software Development

Pragmatism and Software Craftsmanship

The death of "Agile" In the world of software development, there is an undercurrent of people that believe that “if we can just find the right system, everything will go perfect”. If anyone ever manages to come up with the perfect cut-and-paste methodology that can be applied to any failing software project, and instantly transform it into a high-performing team, they will make millions if the marketing is adequate.
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Using a medieval workshop game to teach programming

The Workshop Method How it works In stead of starting the journey of your students by familiarizing them with the syntax and quirks of the programming language of your choice, teach them to solve problems in the way you would solve them in code. With very small, discrete, steps that are executed sequentially to get to a result. In order to do this, we introduce the metaphor of the Medieval Workshop.
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Autodeploying applications on containerized weblogic instances

How a simple automatic deployment plugin turned into a wild bantha chase Storytelling This week, I started working as a freelance software consultant. Since I am very new to the team, I was actively looking to contribute something of value to the team as soon as I could. Today I was asked to do a simple task: updating some library and deploying all dependent applications on the development servers.
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Personal Productivity and the GTD method

The challenge of personal productivity One of the challenges I have been trying to overcome over the last few years has been “getting things done”. The people that know me personally can testify to the fact that I tend to be scatter-brained, and can get distracted by inputs. The desire to overcome this is one of the reasons I started working on TRAMBU. Since then, I have learned a lot about (personal) productivity and organizational methods and systems to get work done timely and efficiently.
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