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A short bio about what makes me tick, and what I bring to the table


Over the years, I’ve consumed a lot of books, articles,transparent and videos to improve my skills as a technical professional. Some lessons have proven to be great assets on my own professional journey, while others have been less helpful. By talking to other software professionals, I’ve noticed a lack of common ground within our industry. Unlike more mature professions, such as woodworking, medicine, law, or politics, software development is a fairly young field.

As of late 2022, the technology industry has been steadily growing in size and importance. While this might seem like a dream come true for those of us who grew up fantasizing about living in cyberspace and being all-powerful wizards, the reality is more complicated. Currently, around 20% of software developers have less than two years of experience1, and as our industry continues to expand, the number of “juniors” is only expected to rise.

Our industry’s rapid growth is both our greatest strength and our biggest challenge. We struggle to articulate our ideas effectively and pass on our knowledge and experience to the next generation of software professionals.

The “blog” section of this website, and most of my public domain projects aim to help software developers improve their skillset.

What can I do for you?

providing the ideas and techniques to help you excel

Holistic Problem Solving I take a systemic, human-centric approach to address real-world challenges. Recognizing that a system’s value lies in its positive impact on your organization, I prioritize understanding your context and processes before crafting a tailored solution.

Strategic Code Enhancement We understand that a modern enterprise thrives on technology. My commitment is to not only improve and modernize your code but also to ensure its maintainability and flexibility. This dedication provides the competitive edge required for your long-term success.

Technical coaching and assessments Investing in knowledge yields the greatest dividends. Elevate your skills with personalized technical coaching and assessments. Beginning with a comprehensive initial assessment, we collaborate to define your learning objectives. From there, I offer guidance and support to empower you in reaching and surpassing your goals.

  1. Statistics retrieved from https://www.zippia.com/software-engineer-jobs/demographics/, Evolution of software engineer demographics in the USA in 2019. ↩︎