Delivering quality software
Helping teams and individuals grow
Improving your current workflow
Upgrading your legacy systems

Leverage development methodologies, personal experience, and the values of agile software craftsmanship into a competitive advantage. Every project is unique, so adapt your approach to make it work for you.

  • Overcome challenges with collaborative thinking
  • Ensure the code speaks your business language
  • Identify bottlenecks in your value chain
  • Speed up through relentless focus on quality
Structure in code
Elevator pitch

I tend to think about problems as challenges to be solved on a conceptual level, before jumping into the nitty-gritty process of working towards a tangible result. My analytical skills, and the ability to look at things as pieces of a larger puzzle, are of significant value to the teams I join.

Foremost, I am a professional who is known to "speak truth to power". I often challenges ideas, but will defend the collaborative decisions towards my subordinates or more junior team members.

I love helping people grow, and have a strong preference for positions that include collaboration, coaching others, or that focus on improving the day-to-day working life of my colleagues and customers.

Stijn Dejongh mugshot

What makes me tick?

Driving improvement

Continually work towards a better day-to-day experience for my customers

Designing to last

Architect systems that are both fit-for-purpose and open to change

Making the code great again

Using clean coding and refactoring techniques to revitalize existing codebases

Bridging the human-technical gap

Communicating in a clear, transparent, and understandable way. Software is built by and for humans, after all

Optimizing for testability

A solid suite of automated tests brings you the confidence needed to deliver value faster

Visualizing ideas

Concepts are easier to understand when using abstraction, imagery and metaphor

Quantifying expectations and results

Defining measurements to indicate the current situation, desired outcome, and the progress thereto

Focussing on added value delivered

Understanding the business context goes longways to finding a solution that is fit for your needs

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What people say about me

  • Stijn has been a wonderful colleague and team leader.

  • I learned a lot from working with Stijn during our time when he was technical lead at the Flemish government.

  • When working with Stijn, you will quickly notice his most important attitude towards his work: "PASSION".

  • Stijn is a creative mind who likes to explore the problem domain.